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Post  The Phoenix on Wed Mar 10, 2010 10:31 pm

Name: Jack Johnson RedClover

Age: 21

JuSt JoInD ThE aRmY AbOuT ThReE mOnThs AgO AnD It AlReAdY SuCkS i ThIs WhOlE CoMmAnDeR jOb SuCks_ I CaNt Do AnYtHiNg BuT WaTcH ThE gOoD GuYs KiLl ThE ShIt HeAdS aNd AlL I Do iS WaTcH,,,, I CaNt WaIt To GeT PrOmOtEdi

After writing a note to my mother who of which is living in Texas, We soldiers,
P.S; Were fighting in Omaha Beach today in WoW II.
I can tell you that I think I just peed my pants when I first heard the first belt of the MG's firing at our boats. I had some friends in the boat with me, Jackson, Johnny, (Nicknamed, not really his REAL name just a nickname, his real name is Johnathon) I was hoping to god that they weren't on my boat. Its pretty obvious why.... Although I was on the allies side, not with them damn Jerries. I hear there actually AFRAID of us, and just spraying the hell out of there MG's to prove us wrong. Well its just a rumor that started in our cafe. We finally detached off the boat and into the war zone, as soon as a the boat doors open half of the people in the boat that was there a second or two ago were on the ground, wounded and or dead. I pulled back Jackson and warned him to only jump out when there reloading theme bloody MG's... We finally got out of the boat and ran straight to the nearest thing we can hide our damned bodies behind. As we actually ran out of the boat it exploded. Which was a scary thought. Well the bright side is that were still alive, we heard the commanding officer tell us to move in, he shot to Germans manning a MG to the left bunker, man did that guy have accuracy.
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