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Post  The Phoenix on Sun Feb 07, 2010 4:27 pm

1. Name: Chris Taylor Jackson

2. Avatar: School Uniform: Character App: The Phoenix 4645 OutSider: Character App: The Phoenix 45674

3. Personality:

4. Weapon of choice: Dagger, Desert Eagle, Silversmith Blade.

5. Desc: A biker storming the country of Vermont with his friends, they steal from shops and case Grand Theft Auto.

6. Hometown: Georgia

7. Race: Human

8. Family: Orphan by the age of 5, Parents: ____ & ____

9. Appearance: Black Jacket, Ripped Blue Jeans,

10. Gender?: male

1. Name: Marris

2. Animal/Monster: Wolf

3. Personality: Mysterious, Stealthy, Desperate for food and water.

4. Appearance: Brown, Gray, And white with sharp claws as his weapon

5. Gender?: Male

6 Avatar?: Character App: The Phoenix Greywolfsnowo
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